Gute Gründe für eine Briefkastenfirma?

Due to the media, there is currently a lot of debate about the Panama Papers and thus about mailbox companies. However, if the word „mailbox company“ is used, unfortunately many think that these are companies with dubious business practices. Unfortunately, the mailbox company is also used by some „Black Sharps“, but this is far from always the case.

Is founding a mailbox company in a tax haven reprehensible?

No! The desire for anonymity often has good reasons.

In fact, there are many legal reasons to choose a letterbox company, in many industries letterbox companies are part of everyday life, for example they help celebrities acquire property undetected or even protect them from crime.

Additional advantages:

  • Tax savings (if legal requirements are met)
  • anonymity
  • Protection of privacy
  • Protection through other jurisdictions
  • Precaution in the event of a divorce
  • Protection of personal wealth
  • Secret investment
  • Anonymous land purchase, for example for celebrities

The Panama Papers show only one thing: Mailbox companies are inexpensive and a successful model. Unfortunately, usage is not always within the legal framework.
We would be happy to advise you on the advantages you can use and which regulations apply and must be observed in your individual case.